4 Ways to Stay Stress Free During the Holidays

Dec 01 2010

To kick off the month of December, I’m thrilled to share with you a guest post from one of my favorite CAREERpreneurs–and one of my All-Star Team Cheerleaders–Kelly Lynn Adams.

Kelly Lynn is an iPEC trained empowerment life coach who helps people, particularly women, make changes in order to live the lives they want and deserve. She is also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. Kelly Lynn believes in utilizing multiple streams of income to live out your passion!

I absolutely love this time of year when we are all celebrating the holidays! However, over the years I have found that thinking about all of the things that I know I need to get done can easily stress me out. The holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends, having a great time and mostly importantly, they are meant to be stress free. However, for many of us, our stress level can increase during the holiday season. Therefore, I want to share with you four things that I have implemented in my life to reduce the stress around this time of year.

1. Reduce Your Gift Giving List – Just think about how much time, energy, and money you spend on the people that are on your gift giving list. By simply reducing this list and making a more reasonable list of whom you want to give gifts to, you will automatically and instantly reduce your stress level. If there are people you left off you still want to give a token of appreciation to, you can send them a holiday card, some home baked cookies or brownies, or even write them a “thank you” letter listing all of the reasons why you so appreciate them. While receiving gifts is always nice, remember the real meaning of the holidays is to be thankful, to give and receive love, and to celebrate your friends and family.

2. Reduce Your Holiday Spending on Gifts – So for the people who did make your gift giving list that you want to purchase something special for, you really want to set a budget for yourself–both in terms of total spending and spending per person. You might want to consider lowering the spending limits on certain people and/or even do a “Secret Santa” grab bag with a group of friends or family members. One way that you can stick to a budget is to start shopping at discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Wal-Mart, Target, and even consignment stores. If you are shopping online, always make sure you Google any discount coupons that might apply to your online purchase.

3. Reduce Your Spending on Big and Lavish Home Cooked Meals – Many of the holidays are centered on eating. If you are cooking one of the big mealsl during the holidays, do NOT be the only one to buy the food. Find out who is coming, and then ask each person to bring a dish. This will not only save you time, but it will also save you money… and your sanity!

4. Reduce Your Work Anxiety – Whether you own your own business or work in Corporate America, your work schedule can sometimes cause stress and anxiety around the holidays. Plan your schedule in advance before the holidays arrive. Make sure you figure out when you are working, when you are checking out early, and when you plan on taking time off completely from your job and/or your business. If/when you schedule vacation, make sure it’s also a vacation from work-related calls and emails. While disconnecting from your smart phone and computer might at first cause some stress and anxiety, over time this will actually reduce your stress level dramatically. And to minimize guilt, you can leave a message on your respective media explaining you will not be responding to calls, emails, etc. during the dates you are off.

By following these simply and effective tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying the holidays in a stress free way!

To learn more about Kelly Lynn Adams, visit her online at http://www.KellyLynnAdams.com and connect with her on Twitter @KellyLynnAdams.

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Alexia Vernon is a leadership and career expert who empowers professionals to build careers and companies that are successful, sustainable, and make a positive social impact. She is the author of Awaken Your CAREERpreneur: A Holistic Road Map to Climb from Your Calling to Your Career. Follow Alexia on Twitter: @AlexiaVernon

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  • Leah Leah says:

    Fun post. My biggest problem is taking time off and really being off. This year I’m going to tell my boss I’m not responding to non-essential email until the new year. I chose not to go to med school for a reason!

  • Alexia Alexia says:

    @Leah: I think Kelly Lynn is pretty terrific, too! And congrats on making the commitment to yourself to honor your vacation. You deserve it.

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