How Entrepreneurs Can Earn MORE Money And Work LESS

Apr 29 2011

As an entrepreneur, you have no doubt already realized that this dream can be challenging to turn into a reality! This is NOT to say it cannot be done, but definitely not when you are just starting out or even three to five years in, especially if your business is really YOU.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs like me, who are the product and service. It is often difficult to figure out where and when to outsource or bring in additional staff to do some of the work your business and reputation is based on.

In today’s competitive world, ALL successful entrepreneurs need to stay ahead of the competition in order to thrive and generate profit.  As a result, few tend to truly succeed because they work hard and burn out before they see any real results.  In order to find success you must figure out the right “balance” for you to be able to earn more money and work less.

ALL entrepreneurs face three similar challenges at various stages of their business development:


  • Not having enough TIME to grow their business
  • Feeling OVERWHELMED with the work—they have too much or not enough
  • Needing help and support but not being able to AFFORD it

Most entrepreneurs fail because they are OVERWHELMED by the extra work that come from lack of planning and sudden rapid growth that they are unable to manage alone. To win this war you have hired your family members or friends, or went one step further by placing jobs on, and .

After getting help to market and get things done, your business grows and you get swamped with responses and frustrated with the extra work it has generated!!! This is a bittersweet moment—but often more bitter than sweet and you are not alone!!! I have been at this point before and so have many of those in my entrepreneur and small business owners’ network.

Many entrepreneurs are just not able to afford the cost of running a business and achieving their business and lifestyle dreams.  If you’re already working 50 or more hours a week, it is often hard to find ways to maximize your time while increasing your profits when you do not have any downtime.

As we have all been told at some point or another—make or find time to work ON your business rather than IN it, which is why you MUST tap into a set of very SKILLED people who will cost you 80 percent or less? To overcome this, you can use a Virtual Assistant (VA) company, if you haven’t already you really should think about it.  There are lots out there to choose from—so do your research. Outsourcing will

  • Save you money and make your business more money at the same time
  • Save time and give you your own time back so you can work ON your business. 
  • Virtual Assistants can help manage your data, complete research, and help develop new areas of business, do your newsletter, manage your events, respond to ALL your customer e-mail inquiries and even edit your blogs—just to name a few things.

Using virtual assistant companies allows you to GROW your business much, much faster and the way you imagined without giving up control. They also help you find the flexibility you craved when you first decided to start your own business. 

There are many powerful ways to create the lifestyle you desire, you simply need to be ready and willing to accept help, and then find the best tools for you!!! Good Luck!!!

About the author

Jodi is the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy of NEXUS Brands and has over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors. Follow Jodi on Twitter: @FriendsofJodi.

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